About Us




We opened our doors in September, 2003...

     Our school is aptly named after Saint Lucia’s Governor-General, Her Excellency, Dame Pearlette Louisy, a distinguished and accomplished individual who personifies our motto: ‘Success through Perseverance and Self-Discipline’.

     Teachers and students from different parts of the island entered this inspiring and inviting huge yellow, red and orange structure, filled with wonder….. and the task ahead seemed all at once daunting, but exciting. However, the Principal, Vice–Principal, teachers, parents and students all embraced the challenges the new school imposed, and today, we stand tall, a true reflection of our motto.

     The end of our first school year 2003-2004, saw our school as one of the top performing schools on the island, both at the Common Entrance and Minimum Standards examinations. We have since continued to perform above the National Mean in both of the examinations.

     Our 10th Anniversary theme (2013), ‘Succeeding Against all Odds’ was chosen to highlight the fact that our school continues to do well, in spite of the many challenges we have encountered throughout the years. The pinnacle of our success thus far was securing the first two top places at the Common Entrance Examinations for two years — 2009 with Renita Shivnauth and Princess Joseph, and in 2013 with Nysa Pierre and Matilda Angeloni.





We have also achieved much success in extra-curricular activities, including winning the first ever National Spelling Bee and capturing the titles of Junior Calypso Monarch and Junior Carnival Band of the Year.